Al Quoz, Dubai
05-14 March, 2015

We are all actors of our own lives. We are all vulnerable. We are all heroic. We are human beings. Therein lies the wonder. The passions, strengths, weaknesses, joy, innocence, sadness, violence, tragedy and the multitude of contradictions that constitute a person are what I believe make men and women so ‘beautiful’.
In photographing them, whether close, in their faces, or far, as they dot the landscape, it is as though I am allowed ‘in’ to capture a part of their being. Through this action, capturing the moment, I may be also be making sense, albe- it briefly, of their persona - as well as mine.

This two-week exhibit will present a small selection of works from three projects:

• ‘ROME 1969– AN HOMMAGE TO ITALIAN NEO-REALIST CINEMA’, with new prints of vintage images capturing the Rome ‘popolare’ of the 1970’s.

• ‘SANS PAPIER’, where men, women, young and old, children and teenagers, are captured in every day life between the earth and the sun.

• ‘EVAPORATIONS’, “ One of the perplexing aspects of these images is the manner in which they refuse time... Scenes that suggest that we’ve stumbled into the midst of a complicated story... These photos are among Pepper’s most ambiguous, devastating in their lack of explanation or resolution. The narrative, if there is one, can only be devised by the viewer.” Elizabeth Ferrer, Curator