Novosibirsk State Museum, Novosibirsk
2 October - 15 November 2015

INSTALLATION FOR 'EVAPORATIONS', Novosibirsk State Museum, Novosibirsk



On Friday, October 2 at 16.00 in the Novosibirsk Art Museum (Sverdlov, 10) opens the solo exhibition of Italian photographer John R. Pepper "EVAPORATIONS".
The exhibition consists of works created in 2012-2013, and analyses the lives of people close to the sea and man's relationship with the element of water. The photos taken on the coasts in different corners of the world - Naples, Thessaloniki, Chicago, New York, Geneva and St. Petersburg.
According to John Pepper, a person can feel completely free in the face of the vast surface of water. The author believes that water - a basic element of life symbolizes eternity and strength and contributes to the development of physical and spiritual cleansing of the people. In the photos Pepper’s human figures, diminished and incredibly small before the scale of the body of water are nevertheless a central part of the composition and the key object of his landscapes.
The exhibition there is the none of the serene mood usually associated with the theme of a beach holiday on the sunny coast. Pepper deliberately takes on black and white film, as "choosing black and white, for in black and white there are all the colors," - says the author. Adding that "Color exists through our capacity of filling it in; this is an additional element that" empowers " the picture."
The black and white pictures that were taken in New York were captured after the hurricane "Sandy" - -in the photographs we see the visible consequences of natural disasters; a fenced Coney Island, a deserted alley amusement park. Barcelona is not presented in the bright and colorful style of tourism advertising; it is simple and devoid of pathos. The manner tells of the possible isolation of its residents, weary, wandering along the waterfront under the scorching sun. The viewer sees the familiar shore of Gulf of Finland with holidaymakers on it by people for whom though time has stopped.
John Pepper is trying to overcome the laws of time and space and offers a focus on the everyday life of man: "The dominant feature of my work is the story of a man, his vulnerability, his mystery, his imperfection. Man stumbles, makes mistakes and then rgets up and begins all over again, surviving - -and this is the beauty of it, "- says the artist.
John R. Pepper’s exhibition "EVAPORATIONS" will attract the attention of a wide range of audiences interested in contemporary art photography, as well as all those who are fascinated by the romance of the sea, all those who care about environmental issues and the environment.

It is an exhibition not to miss!